Học Online: 3D musical marbles - 3d Khoai Art Produces Tiktok Youtube

Part 1: Introduction to the course and interface software


Lesson 1: Introducing the course and using 3ds Max software


Lesson 2: Components on the Toolbar


Lesson 3: Basic UI


Part 2: Modeling


Lesson 1: Edit Poly, How to use Edit in 3D


Lesson 2: Create shapes with many colors and styles


Lesson 3: Creating musical notes, smoothing musical notes (TurboSmooth)


Lesson 4: Create a support stand for the ball, different support frames for the ball


Part 3: Activities and Materials


Lesson 1: Importing document images


Lesson 2: Vray Material, Set transparent material, Create sphere material


Lesson 3: Learn keys, set keys, timer


Lesson 4: Configuring a hard result


Lesson 5: Soft silhouette activity


Part 4: Add music


Lesson 1: Create music, Show/Hide the light button on the Music Toolbar


Lesson 2: Add music to 3D software, synchronize active keyframes with music


Part 5: Lighting (Environment and object lighting)


Lesson 1: Setting light


Lesson 2: Lighting 1


Lesson 3: Lighting 2


Part 6: Camera and output


Lesson 1: Placing the Camera, Creating Animation for the Camera


Lesson 2: Tools to interact with the camera


Part 7: Final film composition


Lesson 1: Using Capcut and Premiere Pro to complete movies


Wish you success, thank you for supporting us

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